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Dalrada Clean Energy Advisory Board adds San Diego Gas & Electric executive Ted M. Reguly

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SAN DIEGO, CA – FEBRUARY 22, 2022 – Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) is pleased to announce the further expansion of its Clean Energy Advisory Board. Its newest appointment is energy industry executive, Ted. M. Reguly, whose vast experience of growing San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) clean energy future enhances Dalrada’s knowledge base in support of the Company’s clean energy vision and implementation strategy. Dalrada’s Clean Energy Advisory Board is composed of prominent community leaders in the fields of climate, business, and environmental sustainability, among others. The Board’s combined experience provides evidence-based dialogue to shape effective balance with responsible net-zero initiatives and the future of clean energy.

Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada, states, “Mr. Reguly’s proven track record with technology-driven energy eco-systems is profound, and Dalrada is honored that he joined the Company’s advisory board. Assembling diverse perspectives on the evolution of energy aids the transition from fossil fuel dependence to trackable, sustainable, and responsible clean energy practices.”

Transparency and accountability are core components of all net-zero initiatives that must prove effectiveness by 2050. Advanced technology facilitates the intended results of net-zero plans.

Mr. Reguly’s experience as a Director at Sempra Energy’s San Diego Gas & Electric includes enabling state and federal policy compliance. Compliance will play a large role in the modernization and optimization of energy infrastructure for efficient on-demand use by end customers ― which represents an annual investment of $1.5 B for its formation, approval, and delivery.

Successfully implementing complex, widescale applications with electric transmission, substation, and distribution infrastructure projects, Mr. Reguly’s insight includes fire hardening, energy storage, microgrids, clean hydrogen, AI, drones, and advanced analytics that distribute clean energy to millions. Providing clean energy safely, reliably, and at the lowest possible cost through Mr. Reguly’s direction includes:

  • Scaling technology to serve millions
  • Capital and aging infrastructure approval, investment, and construction (energy transmission, substations)
  • Growth in non-traditional utility areas

While at Sempra Renewables, Reguly oversaw the development, commissioning, operations, and maintenance of complex infrastructure spanning deployments of solar (1000 MW) and wind (1300 MW) renewable fleets throughout the United States.

“Mr. Reguly’s approach to leveraging AI and other advanced technologies to provide clean, safe, and reliable energy delivery to millions significantly enhances Dalrada’s energy strategy for net-zero 2050 and beyond.” Bonar continued.

Dalrada’s Clean Energy Advisory Board is assembled from former U.S. cabinet members, business leaders, technology innovators, environmental sustainability experts, and community activists. All members share unique insights from implementing wide-scale operations while navigating regulatory policy.

Dalrada’s industrial, commercial, and consumer applications designed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Likido®, produce and conserve energy as it decarbonizes heat, saves cost, and cares for the environment.

Bonar concludes, “Innovation catalyzes possibility to probability. Yet, evolving from probability to proof requires data, transparency, and accountability. Dalrada is committed to producing advanced technology innovations that fuel the future of clean energy and enable environmental stewardship.”

Likido® proprietary, disruptive low-carbon heating and cooling technology and independent power generation bridge the gap to achieving renewable energy efficiencies. 

  • Likido®ONE heat pumps recycle waste energy, instantly reducing GHG emissions with dramatic savings over traditional fossil fuel costs. Whether located on rooftops, outside in mobile energy centers, or inside boiler houses and plant rooms, Likido®ONE hot water, low-pressure steam, hot air with chilled water, or cooling utilities are easily installed. Excess energy generated with Likido® technology can establish new revenue streams for industries, municipalities, and businesses.  
  • Likido®VOLT continuous independent power generators allow the flexibility to choose traditional or renewable energy sources for on-grid or off-grid applications, including backup power, emergency preparedness, and natural disaster restoration efforts.  
  • Likido®CRYO is a versatile low-temperature refrigeration system for energy efficiency with a fixed location or mobile uses. Uses include the transport of biomaterials, vaccines, and industrial applications span nuclear energy cooling to winterization of oils for food and beverage production.  
  • Likido®HOME water heaters for residential energy consumers are currently in development.

Dalrada continuously builds on its core practices of engineering, life sciences, and technology while operating under the tenet of bringing innovative products and services to a complex new world. The Company’s subsidiaries respond with alternative solutions that are affordable, available, accessible, and impactful.

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