Partnering with the Right Companies to Drive Your Sustainability Goals

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gases and minimize carbon footprints, sustainability has shifted from being an optional consideration to an absolute necessity for organizations that want to have a positive impact on the planet and leave a lasting legacy.

At DES, we recognize these global efforts and we’re committed to playing a leading role in helping organizations achieve their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals. We’re proud to assist businesses and nonprofits in many ways, including reducing their utility expenses that begin with comprehensive audits that find ways to lower costs in electric, natural gas, water and sewer, trash removal, and telecom.

Money Savings and GrowthOne of our unique approaches in helping organizations meet their sustainability goals and objectives involves partnering with companies that specialize in identifying and addressing unmet sustainability and energy savings opportunities. This aids in the growing need of conducting environmentally-friendly business and ensuring compliance with various laws and mandates that also require strict planning. By working closely with our individual client organizations, we help them identify potential energy issues and implement solutions that maximize cost-saving efforts while maintaining a steadfast commitment to ensuring a clean energy future.

We believe that through collaborative efforts with other like-minded organizations, we can provide a pathway for energy transition for our clients. We offer innovative products and services ranging from enhanced lighting transition, heat pump installation, water conservation measures, and upgraded HVAC systems to battery storage, solar power, window replacement, and real-time monitoring of energy usage. Each of these improvements are geared toward helping our customers achieve their goals.

Sample Upgrades


Installing enhanced lighting means less energy waste and increased cost savings. Our partners have developed the most efficient lighting systems available, delivering clear, bright light with reduced energy at a fraction of the cost. LED lighting upgrades, like the ones our partners specialize in, ensure a modern solution for an age-old problem.


Water conservation is a critical component of preserving natural resources. DES partners with companies to install advanced systems that help reduce water usage using IoT sensors, sophisticatedalgorithms, and efficient irrigation systems. This collaboration helps companies meet their goals while also reducing water bills. By implementing processes such as rainwater harvesting and greywater for landscaping, companies can reduce their water consumption by more than 50%.

Heat Pumps

We very closely with our in-house supplier of heat pumps and provider of heat pump technology. Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space by transferring thermal energy using a refrigeration cycle, cooling the cool space and warming the warm space. They are more efficient than traditional water heaters and boilers, using less power to operate and providing more output. 


We work alongside specialists implementing HVAC systems that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This joint effort is another way organizations can reduce their long-term energy spending. Upgraded systems reduce energy consumption and deliver lower carbon emissions while maintaining a comfortable environment by using advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms.


Battery storage is an innovative technology used to maintain energy security and stability in the grid. These systems provide a backup power supply in the event of a power interruption. Battery storage systems store excess energy generated from renewable sources such as solar power, providing a reliable power source at all times while reducing emissions.


Window replacement is another strategy that focuses on environmental responsibility. The installation of energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce energy consumption levels by regulating temperatures within a building.  Our building and construction partners specialize in delivering energy-efficient windows that minimize heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, all while reducing noise pollution and providing improved insulation. They also facilitate real-time monitoring, which enables our clients to manage and decrease their energy consumption levels.

Our Partners

DES partners with a select group of companies that share our vision of sustainability and commitment to creating a better future for all. Through these strategic partnerships, we can offer our clients a comprehensive suite of solutions that address their unique needs and deliver lasting value.

Bothof Brothers Construction is a construction leader that delivers hands-on services from conception and design to demolition and building. Their unique focus is on high-end custom homes, government housing developments, and complex commercial builds.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with specialty companies is essential for organizations in order to drive their energy transition and sustainability goals and ultimately, achieve them. Our modern solutions help reduce carbon emissions, increase efficiency, and enhance energy security for achieving Net Zero goals. We collaborate with our partners to help our clients earn available tax credits, carbon credits, and rebates—all while they spend less on energy—through improved internal processes that ultimately result in minimized carbon footprints, less harmful emissions, and improved bottom lines.

Dalrada Energy Services is proud to offer a host of energy services that support ESG goals and strategies. To learn more, contact us today!

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