Pathways to a responsible and sustainable energy future.

Achieving ESG goals with flexibility and full transparency.

What We Offer

Robust commercial services that help organizations meet or exceed environmental standards.

Reducing the world’s carbon footprint and achieving international Net Zero goals are no easy task. Fortunately, Dalrada Energy Services (DES) knows how and where to start true energy transition. DES helps organizations build sustainable energy futures while addressing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals through innovative products and services.

With a proprietary software platform that provides digital twinning capabilities with real-time performance updates and cost savings and estimates, our clients are ensured of full, 360° transparency and accurate reporting.

Dalrada Energy Services

Start-to-Finish Cost Savings

With no direct capital outlay from clients, Dalrada Energy Services provides all the necessary equipment and upgrades for each project.

  • Costs are typically funded through agreements and use a percentage of the obtained savings.
  • Savings help increase cash flow almost immediately upon completion of service installation.
  • More savings means more money (that was previously spent on energy costs).
  • Through the benefits of the section 179D tax incentive, Dalrada Energy Services can donate to specific entities, representing further value.

The bottom line:

DES - cost savings
Dalrada Climate Technology

Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology

As a globally-recognized heat pump manufacturer, Dalrada’s heat pumps save on energy costs and reduce long-term operational and maintenance costs. 

Dalrada’s revolutionary heat pump replaces traditional water heaters and boilers. These combustion-free heat pumps increase heating and cooling efficiency, help lower harmful emissions, reduce carbon footprints, and provide impressive cost savings.  

  • up to 7 times more efficient than traditional boilers and chiller
  • Delivers 60 – 80% energy savings
  • Uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as refrigerant
  • Captures and reuses thermal energy
  • Reduces global warming potential (GWP)
  • Can be implemented into new or existing building infrastructure
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