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Dalrada assembles Clean Energy Advisory Board, former secretary of the interior, Ryan Zinke, joins as advisor

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SAN DIEGO, CA – OCTOBER 18, 2021 – Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) is pleased to announce its Clean Energy Advisory Board composed of distinguished climate and business leaders. The advisory group is forming strategic alliances that support and enable an effective balance between responsible environmental policies and sustainable development. Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, is the first member of the Dalrada Clean Energy Advisory Board.

Brian Bonar, Dalrada’s Chairman and CEO, states, “We are delighted that Secretary Zinke has joined the Dalrada Clean Energy Advisory Board. He cares about new job creation, improving environmental sustainability, and the technology that supports energy efficiency and emissions reduction. Dalrada’s energy-efficient solutions pave the way towards that goal.”

Ryan Zinke shares, “It is exciting when a technology advances energy efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint. Dalrada wins at both. Protecting the environment and stimulating the economy in a balanced way leads to sustainable development. Climate change is important. We must address greenhouse emissions through efficient technologies. Dalrada brings innovative solutions to accomplish this goal. Every year, billions of dollars of low-grade energy is discharged into the atmosphere without recovery.” Zinke continues, “Dalrada turns the balance in favor of the environment by maximizing energy efficiency. Focusing on solutions, we encourage dialogue on sustainability on both sides. Conservation and energy efficiency will get us there.”

Transparency and accountability are topics that the Dalrada Clean Energy Advisory Board tackles. Jose Arrieta, former Chief Information Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services and Dalrada Board member, shares, “Information Technology plays a vital role with the accounting of net-zero goals, supply chain tracking, and measuring emission data. Net-zero data tracking and reporting systems that leverage IoT devices are in development.”

Dalrada’s disruptive low-carbon heating & cooling technology that uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) in a leakproof system is powered by either traditional or renewable energy and recycles waste energy. Systems can easily be installed in boiler houses, plant rooms, rooftops, and outside in mobile energy centers to provide instant energy and carbon emission savings. These solutions produce hot water, low-pressure steam, hot air with chilled water, or cooling utilities.

The Hon. Bijan Kian, Former U.S. cabinet member and Dalrada Board of Directors member, also takes part in Dalrada’s Clean Energy Advisory Board. Kian emphasizes the importance of reducing emissions with no sacrifice to jobs or the environment in the process.

“Environment and development are key to responsible growth with sustainability,” Kian states. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions now is vital. It is also important to encourage dialogue with industry and business leaders about forming alliances, identifying resources, and creating ways to achieve sustainability that improve the quality of life.”

Dalrada’s industrial, commercial, and consumer innovations conserve energy, decarbonize heat, save cost, and care for the environment.

Stuart Cox, Dalrada’s Chief Engineering Officer, states, “Dalrada’s Likido® CO2 high-temperature heat pumps overcome many of the problems associated with freon-based heat pumps by operating at the same temperatures as existing heating and cooling systems, making their deployment very easy.”

Cox adds, “The market response to Dalrada’s energy innovations is encouraging. Customer interest increased since the economy has woken up after COVID-19 lockdowns ended in June in the U.K. This will increase further as our partners in Spain and Texas expand manufacturing capacity for the E.U. and USA, respectively, from 2021.”

Dalrada continuously builds on its core practices of engineering, life sciences, and technology while operating under the tenet of bringing innovative products and services to a complex new world. The Company’s subsidiaries are responding with alternative solutions that are affordable, available, accessible, and impactful.

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