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End-to-end comprehensive energy service solutions in robust commercial capacities to help organizations meet their ESG and sustainability goals.

This is an extremely exciting time for business leaders in every market to establish ethical energy objectives by adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures.

Dalrada Energy Services works with our partners to develop strategies that help realize reductions in energy usage and harmful emissions through reliable, efficient, and secure protocols that meet long-term clean energy and Net-Zero sustainability initiatives.

Dalrada Energy Services

Dalrada Energy Services offers renewable energy with products and services that promote sustainability and less harmful emissions.

Dalrada Energy Services - benefits

Why is it important?

  • Addresses unmet sustainability measures and potential energy savings.
  • Aids in the growing needs of conducting environmentally-friendly business.
  • Maintains compliance with laws and mandates requiring sustainability plans.
  • Corrects potential energy issues to maximize cost-saving efforts.

Meaningful benefits

  • Earn tax credits, carbon credits, rebates, and more.
  • Spend less on energy with increased efficiencies.
  • Minimized carbon footprint and less harmful emissions.
  • Ongoing education of workforce, customers, and supply chain partners.

Dalrada Energy Services has partnered with some of the world’s top builders, distributors, and solutions providers to deliver the very best ESG outcomes.

Logo - AKF

Preferred distributor and exclusive partner providing ESG-compliant building and LEED®-certified design, engineering, and commissioning services that produce significant cost savings.

Logo - imagineeer

Web 3.0 solutions provider of next-generation foundation and software protocol for enhanced privacy, increased customer trust and loyalty, and a focus on futuristic metaverse technology.

Logo - Banyan

Robust monitoring and tracking software for the funding and financial pieces of DES projects, delivering full transparency while streamlining workflows and ensuring contractual compliance.

Logo - Utility Advisor

Reduces utility expenses for businesses and nonprofits through comprehensive audits that find ways to lower costs in electric, natural gas, water and sewer, trash removal, and telecom.

Start-to-Finish Cost Savings

With no direct capital outlay from clients, Dalrada Energy Services provides all the necessary equipment and upgrades for each project.

  • Costs are typically funded through agreements and use a percentage of the obtained savings.
  • Savings help increase cash flow almost immediately upon completion of service installation.
  • More savings means more money (that was previously spent on energy costs).
  • Through the benefits of the section 179D tax incentive, Dalrada Energy Services can donate to specific entities, representing further value.

The bottom line:

DES - cost savings

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