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Strategic Alliance Formed with AKF Group for Clean Energy Building: Annual Potential Value of More than $10 Million

By April 28, 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

Exciting new partnership will facilitate new ESG initiatives and accelerate clean energy transformation for DES clients.

Dalrada Energy Services (DES) recently partnered with AKF Group to implement clean energy efficiency solutions in new building and retrofit construction, delivering high value to both parties.

The new partnership aligns with DES’ clean energy and sustainability practices and further supports the transition to renewable energy sources of DES clients. With the alliance, AKF will be reselling Dalrada’s high-efficiency heat pumps to their client base―worth an estimated $10 million-plus, annually.

The partnership leverages AKF’s expertise in building systems engineering and energy efficiency, and Dalrada’s advanced technology and tools to provide a comprehensive approach to reducing energy consumption.

How will it work?

DES will lead with AKF’s engineering services for all projects while providing oversight and project management for joint projects, including the oversight and development of infrastructure and the development of technology to support ESG projects for DES clients. DES will also provide its patent-pending revenue share model for ESG and mechanicals sales.

Tom Giles, President of Dalrada Energy Services said of the newly-formed alliance: “Working with AKF Group will accelerate our efforts in the clean energy space and allow us to deliver enhanced offerings in a world that desperately needs an energy overhaul.

Together, DES and AKF will provide ESG-compliant building engineering, design, and commissioning services with innovative clean energy-focused products and services that produce significant cost savings for clients. The strategic alliance is a significant step towards promoting sustainability in the building industry, driving meaningful change and reducing carbon footprints.

To read the official press release, click HERE.

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